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About PERFECT MOTION Sports Therapy

Physical Therapy & Sports Therapy located in Minuteman Region, Acton, MA

We transform adults and adolescents into their fittest, healthiest, and most active lifestyles without surgery, injections, or medications through an innovative blend of physical therapy, corrective exercise, and mindset re-education.

Your body was built to move, and when you rely on Perfect Motion Sports Therapy in Acton, Massachusetts, for physical therapy services, healthy and pain-free movement is the central focus. Kevin McGovern, PT, CSCS, brings a wealth of experience and training to his practice and works closely with patients to help them reach and even surpass their goals. 

Learning how to move correctly is a critical element in physical therapy. Many different things can cause or contribute to injuries and pain, but dysfunction of basic movements is often responsible. Dr. McGovern provides highly customized, one-on-one treatment for adolescents and adults as a doctoral-trained physical therapist. 

Dr. McGovern’s Graded Active Movement Exam (GAME) is an industry-changing diagnostic tool. It assesses your basic movement to prevent injury and evaluate declining performance. It’s perfect for sports medicine evaluations and sports physicals. 

VELOCITY Rx is another program developed by Dr. McGovern for baseball players to restore pitching mechanics correctly and naturally; the body was intended to move. The system teaches every pitcher the ideal exercises to keep them free of injury and enjoy their favorite sport with better precision and control. 

Patients who entrust Perfect Motion Sports Therapy with their care find outstanding results when treating issues like low back pain, plantar fasciitis, neck pain, knee injuries, shoulder injuries, and other common problems. 

To schedule a visit at Perfect Motion Sports Therapy, call the office to check appointment availability, or use the easy online booking tool to find a time that fits your schedule. 

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PERFECT MOTION Sports Therapy offers a unique and customized physical therapy program to help you achieve your goals.
 Our pricing is based on the results we achieve for you, so you can be sure that you are getting the most value for your money.
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With our expert evaluation, assessment, and corrective movement exercises, we can get you the results you need faster than any other program out there. In fact, our success rate is 98%. You won’t find anything better out there.

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PERFECT MOTION SPORTS THERAPY is home to Dr. Kevin J. McGovern, PT, CSCS, creator of The Million Dollar Body Make-Over. No more pain, no more dysfunction, results guaranteed! A proprietary treatment regime found nowhere else on the planet. Stop living in pain. We have the proven, results driven solution. Contact us now. You owe it to yourself!

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Whether you’ve recently been injured or you’ve been in pain for years, our physical therapy services can INSTANTLY help even if you’ve tried other forms of treatment. Schedule your FREE 20 minute G.A.M.E. screen today!
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Patients Reviews

"My experience with Dr. McGovern was amazing! He’s a great guy and genuinely cares about his clients recovery/performance."

Anthony T.
"Perfect Motion Sports Physical Therapy was what I needed to recover from my shoulder impingement. Dr McGovern was very thorough and I loved his approach..."

June O.
"I’m grateful to Dr. McGovern for a quick resolution to my issue and I highly recommend a visit to Perfect Motion to address any challenges you might have."

Jessie W.
"I am so grateful to Kevin for helping me avoid shoulder surgery. I am now pain free and have full range of motion in both of my shoulders."

Fidel C.
"Kevin is super knowledgeable in his craft and approach to healing. He helped me get back to doing the things I love."

Holly C.
"I truly can’t express how much my quality of life has improved since then. Kevin’s approach to treating the whole body is unmatched- I absolutely recommend him!!"

Tay N.