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GAME: Graded Active Movement Exam



What is GAME?

What is GAME?

Graded Active Movement Exam is an industry-changing human movement diagnostic tool. It is used to EVALUATE, ASSESS, and QUANTIFY the basic sequence of movement so the results can be compared and analyzed.

The Quantitative results of GAME have a clear and precise correlation to the body’s state of injury or declining performance. Perfect for sports medicine evaluations and sports physicals


Movement is math. Like math, the human movement has a precise sequence of events that need to be in an exact order to produce healthy movements. This is usually called your kinematic sequence.

If your sequence of movement is off, a lack of performance and possible injury will occur.

GAME is so simple in its application, but it has the power to PREDICT future areas of injury or performance loss. This exam is perfect for sports medicine evaluations and sports physical to keep kids safer from injury.

How is your GAME?

Before you can perfect the skilled movements of your sport, job, or activity; you must first perfect your basic human movements.

Everyone who relies on human movement to play a sport, perform their job, or be active NEEDS to have perfect sequential motion. That is the first building block of your health!

“All injuries, to a greater or lesser extent, have some issues with the body’s sequence of movement.”

-Dr. Kevin J McGovern, PT

The GAME Test is perfect for sports medicine exams and sports physicals.

My Game Score

GAME is quantified for comparison, assessment, and correction.

All tests have a final score: My GAME SCORE.
GAME SCORES are converted to “Graded Levels” or GAME LEVELS. There are (7) GAME Levels.

Each GAME Level has a specific movement and sport skill criteria to be achieved to move up to the next level.

Fixing Your Game

The higher the GAME Level, the more skilled you are at human movement as it applies to your sport, AND the less likely you are to become injured because of your skilled movement.

“A GAME 7 athlete is highly skilled at human movement, their sport specific movement, and the ability to move in ways that avoid injury. A Black Belt in human movement” -Dr. Kevin J McGovern, PT, CSCS

Each GAME SCORE and GAME LEVEL have specific corrective exercises and movement markers for their particular sport.
The corrected movements and markers are so powerful. You will have INSTANT measurable results that will continue as you move up level to level until you reach a GAME 7 LEVEL Athlete.
The higher the GAME LEVEL that you achieve will proportionately result in improved sport and health performance.

The Sport Physical

Graded Active Movement Exam, when performed by a Clinically Certified Evaluator, includes all of the standard measures of a Sports Physical: medical history, height & weight, eye & ear test, vital signs, abdomen/hernia, and concussion screen.

GAME adds expert evaluation for the following: Gait, Balance, Range of Motion, Strength, and Posture. The movement of GAME is functional for sport and everyday life.

The GAME SCORE, along with the report of findings, will predict a probability of injury, which is VITAL in sports physical.

Player Development

Player Development is buzz words used in marketing and social medial by every sports coach on the planet.

You cannot have true player development without 1st evaluating, assessing, and correcting human movement.

“Before skills, metrics, and stats which are “mainstream” terms included in Player Development, you have to start with basics of human movement. If you do not, a lack of performance and injury is inevitable”
-Dr. Kevin J McGovern, PT CSCS

College & Pro Recruiting

How about a one of a kind, historical and quantified report of your ability to stay healthy and predict your probability of staying on the field for the entire length of your scholarship!

Pro Scouting:
How valuable do you think this report would be for professional sports organizations? A report that would clearly demonstrate all of the work you put in to improve your functional movement. With all of the catastrophic injuries in sports, you would have a report that clearly shows that you are a better investment than someone who did not do the GAME system.

Campus, Clinics, & Game University

The GAME system is accessible both “live” with Dr. Kevin McGovern, PT, CSCS, in the form of camps, clinics, and individual one on one training and evaluation.

Now in a time where Covid-19 dominates the headlines in the media and all decisions a family makes to stay healthy, GAME University has been created. This is a completely online platform that includes testing, live classes, a community forum, and a podcast, all for the specific purpose of guiding each student through each GAME Level. This system is available 24/7, and content is added each week.