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Tay N.

“I had been dealing with an injured shoulder for months and chronic lower back pain for years when I finally met with Kevin. Within minutes of working with him, I could move my shoulder in a way I hadn’t been able to since the injury- and my back pain was gone! I have a very physical job, and he’s also been helping me build strength to avoid injury. Before working with Kevin, I thought I would just have to live with my back pain. I truly can’t express how much my quality of life has improved since then. Kevin’s approach to treating the whole body is unmatched- I absolutely recommend him!!”

Michelle C.

“Dr. Kevin’s knowledge of biomechanics and anatomy was essential to getting my 15 year old pain free. In one visit he got her from walking with a crutch to walking normally. He taught her the correct exercises AND the correct sequence in which to do them to maximize her progress. His easygoing but tough persona challenged her to perform at her best , while at the same time , he never talked down to her and always made sure she understood the WHY of each exercise. I highly recommend Kevin!!”

William S.

“Had elbow troubles for a long time and after only a few sessions and tweaks can pitch without any pain and have had much more success following working with Kevin.”

DFS Network

Results Immediately! A MUST for anyone looking to be pain free again!

Chad L.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Kevin McGovern’s for several years now and I’m quite certain I would not be in my profession if it were not for his physical therapy expertise on several levels. From back adjustments, tendinitis issues, correcting my posture to alleviate numbness in my arms, implementing daily exercises on my road to correction and recovery – thank you to Kevin and his staff for keeping me on the stage.”

Nicole D.

“Before I met Dr. McGovern I was in sever upper back and neck pain. I was unable todo my daily workouts. Within a few visits I was out of pain and back to my daily workout routine. He also gave me a lot of helpful body movement education to prevent reinjuring myself. He is a amazing doctor with a awesome bedside manner. He takes his time and explains the information and then practices sport movements with you! Thank you Dr McGovern!”

Rick B.

“My son is a catcher and was having slight discomfort in his knee . Kevin recognized the problem and gave my son a series of exercises. Since the exercises which my son still does he has had no discomfort”

Ross R.

“Dr. McGovern is a magician. I visited an Orthopedic surgeon and another Physical Therapist with no success. He was able to diagnose an fundamental issue that were limiting me and he helped me get back to activities that I previously thought that I would never be able to do in very short period of time.”

Lenin P.

“Dr. Kevin McGovern is an exceptional and knowledgeable movement specialist. My son began working with Kevin close to two months ago in order to help him learn safe and correct pitching mechanics to avoid future injury, as well as techniques to become an overall better athlete. In each lesson, Dr. McGovern brings a wealth of information and insight that has had a profound impact on my son’s athletic ability. His keen eye and attention to the most minute details are indispensable for anyone trying to develop and excel in any sport, or for someone seeking to recover from an injury. Most importantly, my son loves working with Dr. McGovern. Dr. McGovern keeps him engaged while also making each exercise and drill fun. If you’re looking for a physical therapist or a movement specialist, then look no further than Dr. Kevin McGovern. For parents of young athletes, do not wait until your athlete suffers an injury – see Dr. McGovern now to avoid injury altogether. He is truly a hidden gem in Massachusetts.”

Madisyn C.

“I was injured at work and called Dr. Kevin McGovern’s business, to my surprise the phone was actually answered by him and not a computer or an answering machine! Dr. McGovern was extremely helpful and told me he would take me right in. I explained that this was a work related injury and it was a workers comp case. Dr. McGovern gave me an immediate appointment and started my physical therapy immediately. I was having difficulties dealing with the insurance company of the town I was injured in and Dr. McGovern explained that they were wrong in the way my case was being handled. Dr. McGovern made several calls and advised the insurance company that they were in violation of many of the Massachusetts laws relating to workplace injuries and quickly things were fixed with the insurance aspect. Dr. McGovern also has a laid back, friendly personality and the gym is comfortable. I can’t express enough how well my PT is going and Dr. McGovern’s knowledge of injuries and remedies to fix them is truly AMAZING! If you have any pains and want to get rid of them I would highly recommend Dr. McGovern. Thank you so much Kevin!!!”

Kim D.

“Dr. Kevin McGovern has helped my 12 year old son vastly improve his pitching and batting, but more importantly, focuses on staying healthy and injury free. He is excellent working with athletes of all ages, teaching the proper movements and mechanics, while explaining why. Very comfortable to talk with, answers all our questions, and very responsive and accommodating to sports schedules.”

Kevin L.

“I have known Dr. Kevin McGovern for almost 17 yrs. It is my opine he is by far one of the foremost PT’s in the New England region. The quality of PT, and his vast knowledge of the skeletal system and his knowledge of Sports medicine is paramount to all his clients. I am A true success story and A patient of Dr. McGovern as recent as February. Thank you Kevin U are amazing”

Christine H.

“For 4 years I suffered from shoulder pain. During those 4 years I went to a number of healthcare professionals for help and had varying levels of success: from not helpful at all, to some improvement. I finally found Kevin and after just 2 months of working with him my pain was completely gone. We’re now working to strengthen the supporting muscles so it won’t happen again. Every other professional only focused on my shoulder, Kevin looked at the entire system, got to the root of the problem, and is making sure I will remain injury free. I can’t recommend him enough!”

Todd K.

“As a former D-1 athlete I have seen a lot of physical therapists. Kevin is hands down the best. Fixed issues in my right shoulder that I have had for years and the alignment and strength he helped to build up prevented what would have otherwise been a very serious skiing injury, which turned into only a mild strain. Kevin’s mix of tough love and understanding is a great combination. He also does not require complicated exercises that you can not replicate at home between visits. Has even worked with my 9 year old aspiring pitcher to help add both velocity and prevent injury with repeatable exercises my son can do. Highly recommend.”

Mike A.

“What you are doing is so great and makes so much sense. Your system revolving around proper mechanics and workouts that foster proper mechanics should be done everywhere prior to any injury, starting as soon as someone decides they want to pitch! Bad mechanics are everywhere, lead to injury and take pain staking hours to fix. Too many pitchers see you after they have issues, I’m glad Michael started your program and got his mechanics on track before continuing to pitch with incomplete mechanics. He continues to work hard and is throwing better and harder than he ever has! Thank you.”

Melanie M.

“I have known Kevin for many years and he is like no other. His ideas to get you back to feeling 100% is like no other physical therapy clinics I have ever visited. Most clinics treat the patient in the quick way possible because they are focused on how many visits insurance companies will allow. Kevin is so different and really listens to the patient and does not rush at all. Kevin mcGovern gets to the root of the problem and spends time helping you get back to living a normal life so you are not in pain. I highly recommend Kevin McGovern you will get the results you want and so much more. Don’t think about it Call him today so you can start feeling better. Best phone call I ever made. You won’t regret it”

Peer T.

“Kevin helped me recover from a chronic groin injury about ten years ago. I had gone to several therapists over the years and they were able to relieve some of the pain and symptoms. Kevin FIXED it. He is helping now with a hip injury and has exceeded my expectations once again. I had three appointments at his office and have continued via telehealth without missing a beat. I am a true believer in Kevin’s system and highly recommend him.”

Christopher H.

“Kevin has helped me deal with debilitating pain. I have osteoarthritis in my hip that was keeping me awake at night and I could barely hobble around the house. I just took a 2 mile walk! He did all of this via telemedicine, because I am located 800 miles away from him in NC. Thank you Kevin! Update – 2 weeks post hip replacement surgery, I just walked 1.3 miles without a cane. All of the training and exercises Kevin did with me prepared me for a quick recovery.”

Eric B.

“Kevin is nothing short of amazing! Immediately upon leaving the appt today, I felt a huge relief in my neck and shoulders. Thank you Kevin for another SUCCESSFUL visit!”

Julian D.

“My son Julian went to him with SI joint problems. Kevin not only straightened his problems out but repaired my wife’s as well. Really knows his stuff. He is the JP Warner of chiropractors. You will be satisfied.”

Christina D.

“I have been working with Kevin for the last 3 weeks for my back. I’m already seeing results and it feels amazing! For months, I have been super stressed because of the condition I was in. I was reluctant to going to PT because I’ve done so many rounds years ago to try to prevent surgery, but ended up having 2 surgeries within 3 months of each other in 2011. I kept looking at myself recently and noticed how crooked my midsection was and figured that had a lot to do with what I’ve been going through. I am simply amazed by the work that Kevin has done already and I look forward to working with him more. I am happy to say that I was able to get out this weekend and garden with little to no discomfort. Thank you Kevin!!”

Malcolm M.

“Exactly 2 two weeks since I acquired an AC (Acromioclavicular) Separation on my left side. Things are looking a whole heck of a lot better and thats due to Kevin at Perfect Motion Sports Therapy. Definitely way better than I thought It would be in what felt like the longest two weeks ever. I was able to get my left arm over my head after the third visit but would have been over on the second visit but fight or flight was kicking in. Was also out of my sling after my second visit. Been getting my arm over my head after that visit daily quicker and quicker. Sports therapy is going great and has been making a high impact on strength and motion. It’s been a very awkward, irritating , confusing and mainly sleepless two weeks but without Kevin I don’t know what my situation would be so big shout-out to him and his facility! Appreciate you fully Mr. Kevin!!! Highly recommended to check Kevin because if you’re in pain, you’ll be pain free guaranteed!:”

Tricia P.

“I went to Dr.Kevin because I had been to several other PT’s. I had knee surgery and found out that I had bursitus on left hip. All the other pt’s would all just give me certain exercises but after 10 visits I still was not better. Kevin not only helped take the pain out of bad hip but he also helped to show me the correct way to do squats and stretchs so that I could get back to my daily exercise without feeling any pain after. I highly recommend going to see Perfect Motions!”


“This is Katy Le, Kevin was an amazing help to my road to recovery after my double knee replacement. The various exercises, and his indepth knowledge of the different muscle groups provided a noticeable improvement in my recovery. Kevin has a great personality, very patient, clear communication and a commitment to his patient’s progress. My doctor says I’m very advanced in my recovery process and Kevin was instrumental in helping me get there. Thank you again Kevin !”

Mike G.

“Kevin is very knowledgable in the field of movement and sports science. He was able to diagnose a serious injury of mine in one session, and clearly tell me where the deficiency’s lied in body causing the injury. In the same session he gave me a plan of attack to rehab the injury and fix my movement patterns. I would highly recommend Perfect Motion to anyone who is dealing with any physical ailments.”

Harrison F.

“In three separate instances, Dr. Kevin McGovern has healed chronic sports injuries of mine that I thought were game-enders: rotator cuff, quad, & calf/Achilles. In each case, he not only got me back to full health but, by sticking to the preemptive motion regimens he prescribed after the sessions had been completed, I’ve never had a relapse. In short, he knows his stuff. In my experience, he’s the best there is.”

Esther S.

“Each therapist took time to explain all aspects of the injury, why certain methods were being used and genuinely showed concern on progress or lack of progress being made. They are all friendly and make you feel comfortable inyyour dealings with them. I have nothing but great things to say about my experience at Game 7 Physical Therapy.”

Alec T.

“I’ve been to many PTs over the years who just tell you to do something and never tell you why. Kevin tells you what to do and proves everything he preaches. Highly recommended!”

Sherri B.

“Magic, PURE magic is how I would describe Dr. Mcgovern’s technique. His results have literally been instant for me and mainly for problems caused by improper alignment. The techniques he has used seem to be simple common sense adjustments coupled with simple exercises to help stabilize proper alignment. I am literally always shocked at how quickly pain has been significantly reduced or has completely disappeared. Most of my pain has come from doing repetitive actions out of alignment, resulting in excruciating foot pain, annoying hip tightening and sore shoulders. I’m not used to pain and notice it right away, Dr. McGovern is the first person I call. He is very knowledgeable and you’ll most likely get schooled in anatomy and physiology while working with him. I was surprised at how many important muscles my body isn’t using correctly which over time causes unnecessary strain on others. If you’re reading this you’re most likely tired of the pain you’re dealing with day after day👏🏽 CALL 👏🏽HIM. Who wants to live in pain one more day than they have to?!?”

John M.

“Dr. Kevin McGovern for many years has put this man’s body back together pain free and with full range of motion. I have avoided surgery with 4 herniated disk in my back suffered from a drunk driver in 2007 with exercises that allow me to remain pain free today. What I am most astonished about is Dr. McGovern having me participate in PT for an ankle before I actually had reconstructive surgery to repair multiple torn tendons and then of course PT after the surgery. This allowed me to make a very quick recovery just by simply listening to his diagnosis and subsequent treatment. As a former baseball player well into my 40’s Dr. McGovern’s treatment for shoulder and elbow issues has been nothing but amazing. Whether you’re young or on the downside of a mediocre athletic career, his techniques and proven treatments coinciding with years of experience have been a life saver for me. I couldn’t recommend Dr. McGovern more.”


“I have known DR McGovern for over a decade now and he has treated I think just about every injury under the sun, his style and methodology have done wonders for me….Kevin is fantastic at looking at the overall picture and treating the root cause of Injury or illness and putting together a plan for the long term in each specific case.

Baseball has always been a passion of mine and Dr. McGovern has kept me Virtually pain free throughout various injuries and has had me back on the field quicker and stronger…Two ACL surgeries in which I returned to play in under 6 months; Tommy John Surgery, returned to throwing pain free at 7 months and my best velocity ever of 92 mph following Kevin’s strength and conditioning, as well as his pitching protocol.

More recently my treatment with Dr. McGovern has taken a different turn, without diagnosis which had been on going for 5 years and virtually debilitated by Lyme’s Disease I sought Kevin again last year to treat an an illness that to me at that time was unknown….at this point I would say I had been at my worst, my quality of life absolutely terrible, you name a symptom of this disease and I have experienced it.

Kevin put together a plan that brought me from debilitating pain to manageable by focusing on a few diet changes, light but essential movements, focused chiropractic, strength, and mechanical adjustments to my throwing allowing me to stay in the game and continue to coach….unfortunately we needed more time in order to get a diagnosis and true treatment plan.

Fast forward to today, although just beginning my healing and only 2 months into treatment I am feeling better despite multiple tick born infections….our focus…energy levels, CNS work, chiropractic to stimulate my lymphatic system, martial arts and baseball…which we both enjoy….each time I see him I’m uplifted, and leaving feeling healthier each session…not to mention always laughing and having fun again.

I would recommend this clinic and Dr. McGovern to anyone suffering with pain, or for athletes who are wanting to be proactive against injury. My goal this year to rebuild my quality of life, manage pain, and return to the field!”

Jason T.

“My daughter was hit in the side of the knee with a bat during a softball game. She was 9 at the time. She would tell us how much pain she was in and it hurt to even walk sometimes. We went to two different Ortho doctors and had 2 MRI’s done over the course of two years. Both said she was fine and the results were normal. One Ortho told us to have her stop catching if she doesn’t want her knee to hurt anymore. So it got to the point that we started believing the doctors and telling our daughter that she was fine and it would eventually stop.

I met Dr. McGovern through Ally’s new softball coach, he said “If there is something wrong, he will fix it” Now mind you we are coming up on 3 years of knee pain. Kevin met Ally and in less than 5 minutes felt a pocket of swelling in her knee and was like, that’s the problem. He then asked Ally to do some simple movements, movements she could not do or not do well. So he started working with her and helped build up a solid foundation and to build the muscles in her body. She’s been working with Kevin for 3 months and has told us she no longer feels any knee pain!! She now is excited to keep working with Kevin on strength and speed. I cannot be more pleased.

I will never be able to thank Dr. McGovern enough for taking away my daughters pain. DO NOT HESITATE to reach out to this guy. If you are living in pain, been told there is nothing that can be done or if you’re told you need surgery. Just take and minute and reach out to Dr. McGovern. Let him be your second opinion.”

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