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Knee Injury

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A knee injury can cause pain that prevents you from comfortable movement. That’s why finding relief should be a top priority. Kevin McGovern, PT, CSCS, at Perfect Motion Sports Therapy in Acton, Massachusetts, has extensive experience treating all different kinds of knee injuries, and works closely with you to restore healthy joint function. To find the best treatment for a knee injury, call the office or use the online booking tool to schedule an appointment today.

Knee Injury Q&A

What are some common types of knee injuries?

Your knees go through considerable strain on a daily basis, and play a critical role in virtually every movement you make throughout the day. Knee injuries are among the most common types of joint issues affecting both women and men. 

Some of the more common causes of knee injuries include:

  • Car accidents
  • Workplace injuries
  • Degenerative joint disease
  • Overuse injuries

Many knee injuries occur during seemingly normal movements. Something as simple as stepping down off a curb or bending down to pick something up can cause sudden knee pain. In some cases, knee pain lingers for months or even years, becoming a chronic condition. 

How can physical therapy help resolve pain following a knee injury?

Physical therapy begins with determining what caused your current knee issues. Be prepared to share the details of when your pain developed, as well as what seems to make it improve or worsen.

The Graded Active Movement Exam (G.A.M.E.), developed by doctoral trained physical therapist Kevin McGovern, is a functional movement test that breaks down individual types of movement dysfunction.

Dr. McGovern then designs exercises to help correct those areas of dysfunction. As you move through the exercises, the muscles that support your knees grow stronger and more resilient. 

Measuring results is important to Dr. McGovern. Expect a quick assessment at the beginning and end of every session. This gives you the power to track your progress and know that your efforts are paying off. 

When should I seek professional help with a knee injury?

Occasional knee pain is usually nothing to be concerned about. Most minor pain resolves after a few days of rest and self-care. However, if your knee injury causes significant pain or doesn’t seem to improve over time, it’s important to come in for a professional assessment. 

If left untreated, knee pain can alter the way you move throughout each day, placing stress and strain on other areas of your body, which can lead to a cascade of negative physiological outcomes. 

Physical therapy also prevents the overall health consequences of living a less active lifestyle. Perfect Motion Sports Therapy offers one-on-one guidance as you work to resolve knee issues permanently. 

If you’d like to learn more about physical therapy for knee injuries, contact Perfect Motion Sports Therapy online or by phone today.