Golf Injuries

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Golf Injuries

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Golf is a popular sport to stay active and connect with others, but it’s also a sport with a high injury rate. When you encounter golf injuries, Kevin McGovern, PT, CSCS, at Perfect Motion Sports Therapy in Acton, Massachusetts, is here to help with personalized physical therapy. To see how physical therapy can help treat your golf injury, call the office or use the online booking tool to schedule an appointment today to see how our Perfect Motion Golf Program will make you a healthier, stronger and highly flexible golfer.

Golf Injuries Q&A

What are some common types of golf injuries?

Golf is a popular activity among teens and adults. Regardless of whether you’re playing on your high school team, making time to keep up with old friends for a quick round, or playing professionally, there are a number of ways to sustain injury while swinging a club. 

Some of the more common injuries and conditions related to golf include:

  • Back pain
  • Knee pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Neck injuries
  • Wrist injuries
  • Rotator cuff injuries

Interestingly, sunburn is also an incredibly common golf-related injury, so be sure to wear a high quality sunscreen when you hit the greens, and reapply often. 

How can physical therapy help improve golf injuries?

Most golf injuries are caused by overuse or dysfunctional movement. Without correcting movement problems, you can never fully recover from your injuries. You also run a risk of injuring yourself further. 

Physical therapy begins by assessing the mechanics of your swing, as well as the way you use your body on a daily basis. Determining movement problems helps Dr. McGovern create a customized physical therapy program just for you. 

As you move through the process, you learn how to improve your swing in a manner that doesn’t place undue strain on your body. Targeted exercises and stretching build strength in the muscles that support your arms, legs, and back, while also improving your resilience. 

How can I prevent future golf injuries?

Physical therapy doesn’t just focus on addressing pain from current injuries, it also strives to improve the skills you need to prevent additional injury. This begins with identifying and understanding the mechanics of your golf swing. 

Learning proper techniques is a great place to begin. To reduce your risk of injury, work to enhance overall strength and agility. As you go through physical therapy, brief assessments at the beginning and end of every session help you track your progress and identify specific areas of concern (where you may need additional improvement). 

If you need help with improving your golf performance and movement, schedule a visit at Perfect Motion Sports Therapy online or by phone today.