What Is "Active Posture"

Jun 08, 2022
What Is "Active Posture"
Improving Your ACTIVE POSTURE...


Presented by Dr. Kevin J McGovern, PT, CSCS

Purpose of This Presentation:

  • To educate the general public on what Active Posture truly is.

Your Presenter:Dr. Kevin J McGovern, PT, CSCS

  • A physical therapist for 28 years
  • A strength and conditioning coach for 22 years
  • Owner of PERFECT MOTION Sports Therapy
  • Creator of GAME: Graded Active Movement Exam
  • Creator of Velocity Rx Pitching Program

What We'll Cover Today:

* Improving the Active Posture of Adults

Improving The Active Posture Of Adults

  • What is the first thing you think about when you hear, "You need to fix your posture?".
  • I know I think that I have to sit up straight or walk taller.
  • There are all well and good thoughts if we are sitting at a desk or out walking all of the time. There certainly is merit to good sitting and walking posture.
  • I want to talk today about what I call Active Posture. Active Posture is just that. Active Posture is the body position that one is engaged or positioned in when doing activities like sports, work, recreational activity, gardening, shopping, carrying objects, etc,
  • My physical therapy practice (www.perfectmotionsportstherapy.com) is built on perfecting people's sequential movement to recover from injury, prevent injury, and/or improve their sports performance.
  • I can say I am always correcting people's posture during their treatment cycles. The more active people get, the more active postural correction is needed. I have found in my 28 years of practice that correction of one's Active Posture brings about immediate gains in proper movement and function
  • People will begin to get that forward head, rounded shoulders, and rounded lower back as soon as they begin an activity, especially if that activity is repetitive in nature.
  • The human spine is an amazing engineered structure. It has the ability to carry, push, move, and balance tremendous amounts of weight. The human spine has that ability because of the 3 curves of the back: 2 inward curves at the neck and low back (Lordosis) and one outward curve at the ribs (Kyphosis).
  • The better a person's ability to maintain and foster the correct posture and spine position, the better the body will work as a whole.
  • We must think of posture as being fluid not just one time upright pose that we dismiss once we begin to move. The body is designed to move. The better position we can keep the spine in, the better the body will move.

To have good Active Posture control, you need to have good scapula depression control, good squat or hip hinge movements, and the ability to start all extremity movements at the core. These movements are my 3 Pillars of Movement. These basic movements will have a big effect on all aspects of the body's functional movements.

Conclusion / Final Thoughts:

Hints for Good Active Posture"

  • Be aware of body positioning at all time
  • Look up, if your head is down, you will pull your shoulders down increasing your kyphosis
  • Keep the core strong. Good posture needs good core strength

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