PERFECT MOTION Sports Therapy want to know: What is Your GAME 7?

Jan 03, 2023
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Looking to improve your functional mobility and athleticism? Check out GAME 7, the corrective exercise system that uses movement grading to get you moving better.

We all have different experiences in life that push us to reach our goals and achieve success. Whether it's the feeling of buzzer-beating victory, a moment of quiet contemplation during a cross-country hike, or simply crossing off items on our daunting to-do lists - something pushes us forward and drives us to succeed.

But what is your GAME 7? What is your do-or-die championship goal?

Your Game 7 could be an event, a competition, an experience, or anything else you need to ensure you don't fall short as you strive for greatness. It's time to get that competitive drive up and running: What would be YOUR GAME 7?

GAME was conceived to measure functional mobility in patients, regardless of their age or ability. Utilizing Dr. Kevin's background and knowledge, the Graded Active Movement Exam is the perfect tool for accurate assessments to help those with limited movement get coverage from insurance companies. Subsequently, GAME has grown into much more than an assessment tool--it offers individuals of all ages and abilities a one-of-a-kind fitness approach that empowers them to reach their healthiest state.

The GAME system is an innovative method for exercise and wellness that holds people to the highest standards. Designed to bring out the best in participants, it utilizes a kinesiological exam to grade each individual according to the GAME LEVEL. For seven levels, from 1 through 7, some benchmarks and criteria must be reached before progressing higher up the ranks. The ultimate goal of achieving GAME 7 isn't based on any pre-set standard. Still, it is instead entirely personalized - a "do or die" championship goal that achieves optimal health and performance for each person using the system. With no prior experience necessary and procedures tailored for anyone at any age, GAME has undoubtedly come a long way over the past decade as an unbeatable exercise program offering customizable results every time.

The GAME system is like no other physical therapy and fitness product. GAME has produced measurable results for everyone who the GAME system has helped.

If you want to get to the healthiest level of your life, get in the GAME! Call or text just @ 978-651-1812.