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Dr. Kevin J McGovern - Physical Therapist In Acton MA

Dr. Kevin J McGovern, PT, CSCS

Kevin received a Bachelor of Science Degree from Northeastern University and a Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree from Simmons University. He became a Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach in 2002 from the National Strength & Conditioning Association. He became a Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach in 2002 from the National Strength & Conditioning Association.

Dr. McGovern is the Founder of two other Physical Therapy Practices: McGovern Physical Therapy (2000) and Game 7 Physical Therapy (2011). In 2004 McGovern PT was awarded the PT Practice of the Year by a national magazine and named to the Inc. Magazine 5000 list for growing companies. Dr. McGovern is the G.A.M.E.(Graded Active Movement Exam) System of evaluation and corrective exercise. All three of Dr. McGovern’s practices have used this system to get healthy results for thousands of patients.

Dr. Kevin McGovern has had the pleasure of treating 1000’s of patients over his 26-year career, including athletes from MLB, MiLB, NCAA, NAIA, USA Woman’s Hockey, 2008 Olympic Judo, WWE, Bellator Fighting Championship.
Dr. Kevin is an avid golfer, summer league baseball coach, and a Blue Belt in Kempo-Ju-Jitsu. He has two daughters that keep him busy. He loves music, movies, camping, and woodworking.


Mike Freire

Mike’s expertise in the mechanics and biomechanics of baseball stems from a lifelong passion for the game and a strong desire to learn and understand all of its intricacies from a very young age. When he was growing up, however, baseball instruction was extremely underdeveloped in the northeast. As he grew older, he became insistent upon developing it.

In 1992, in his junior year in high school, Mike witnessed three players from his high school team suffer arm injuries in one season. Two of the players missed the rest of the baseball season that summer. The third, who, like Mike, was a top collegiate recruit, never played a competitive game again. Mike knew that none of these players threw anymore or any less than he did. He also knew that “bad luck” did not seem like a plausible answer as to how and why these players were injured. And so began his pursuit of learning to fully understand the proper and healthy body mechanics of throwing.

Later that summer, while playing for an elite-level summer team, he heard another puzzling baseball phrase; “natural power hitter”. In this particular instance, his coach was referring to a smaller framed shortstop that would consistently drive the baseball farther and harder than most of his bigger teammates. Mike didn’t understand how this could be. He wondered, “could it really be natural?” Did this small hitter possess some sort of magical, indescribable ability to allow him to hit a baseball as far as he does? It did not seem either reasonable or rational. Years later, by studying Big League hitters and their hitting mechanics, he realized just how a hitter of smaller stature could out hit and out-drive a hitter almost twice his size. And “nature” had nothing to do with it.

Mike soon realized that the vast majority of hitters did not apply proper hitting mechanics. Even the good hitters were leaving bat speed, power and distance on the table. In his eyes, they were not hitting to their potential. They were not applying body force.

Today, Mike is applying his knowledge to the development of young baseball players and helping them healthily reach the highest levels of baseball, through his expertise. Now in his 9th year of baseball instruction, Mike has been able to witness several of his student-players play and perform at the high-school, collegiate and professional levels through his philosophies on body force and energy transfer. Not one of his students has suffered injury due to mechanical collapse.