GAME is 25 years in the making.  GAME is based on the basic principles and laws  of kinesiology in that every movement has an exact sequence that needs to be followed with precision.  GAME is movement testing that  quantifies the dysfunction in the initiation of movement.  

"Movement is math.  There is a specific sequence or equation of movement that must occur in exact order or a lack of performance and eventually injury and inevitable." -Dr. Kevin J McGovern, PT, CSCS movement testing

G.A.M.E: Graded Active Movement Exam

Innovative & Scientific Testing

Physical Therapy

A human movement test that is 25 years of clinical practice in design and application

One of a Kind Testing

Physical Therapy

GAME measures the initial sequence of human movement necessary to perform any movement, activity or sport

Quantifying the Sequence of Movement

Physical Therapy

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Predictor of Future Injury

Physical Therapy

GAME results will clearly show any current areas of injury PLUS any area that may have potential injury.

Why Do I Need This Test?

Physical Therapy

Athletic Development and Injury Prevention starts with perfecting human movement.

How Does it Work?

Physical Therapy

GAME results are closely analyzed and a specific series of corrective exercises are created for each client to ensure the best results.