About Dr. Kevin McGovern

Dr. Kevin McGovern

Physical Therapy

· Author of the upcoming book: The Book on Movement, Vol 1

· Founder of McGovern Physical Therapy Associates, the 2004 winner of the “PT Practice of the Year” awarded 

   by  peer vote from Advance Magazine 

· Inventor of G.A.M.E.-Graded Active Movement Exam, the most comprehensive movement exam on the market

· 1994 graduate of Northeastern University’s Bouve’ College of Pharmacy and Allied Health

· 2006 graduate of Simmons College with a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree

· Dr.  Kevin McGovern has had the pleasure of treating 1000’s of patients over his 24 year career including athletes 

  from  MiLB, NCAA, NAIA, USA Woman’s Hockey, 2008 Olympic Judo, WWE, Bellator Fighting Championship

· Dr. Kevin is an avid golfer, summer league baseball coach, and a Blue Belt in Kempo-Ju-Jitsu. He has two daughters 

  that keep him busy. He loves music, movies, camping, and woodworking.



Health Care has tuned into a assembly line with basic customer service a thing of the past.  We want to give everyone who comes into contact with our practice a true MVP experience by over-delivering with  our time, attention, and expertise.  

Client Education

Dr. Kevin McGovern believes everyone needs to be fully educated about WHAT the issue is, WHY it is affecting their lives, and HOW, together in partnership, are we going to improve your life.

Continuos Improvement

We strive everyday to be better than we were the previous day.  We do this by never settling on our expert results.  We became experts by knowing one thing...we do not know everything.  We are constantly learning from our patients, each other and our competition so that we can be the best for out patients and clients

Proven Results LIVE!

Athletic Performance,  Injury Rehabilitation, and Fitness are areas where our treatment system can yield INSANT results that are measurable.  All  movement corrections will have an instant result for all that we can prove in a live demonstration.

Give Back

We pride ourselves on giving back to the profession by mentoring, educating, and guiding our colleagues to help them be better so that they can better serve their communities.


Dr. Kevin McGovern builds lasting relationships with patient, clients, and the community at large.  We are tremendously loyal to those who have supported us in our mission to improve the lives of others.  We are grateful for your trust and confidence in us.